Is it time for a new image and/or spokesperson for your company or products?

Do you need an experienced professional MC for your next event?

Are you looking for an on-camera or voiceover host for your
next television and/or radio advertising campaign?

SEANNA exudes the confidence and enthusiasm that reassures a client that the project and/or event will be a success. Her considerable years of experience in television, radio, public speaking, marketing and hosting addresses any issues of frustration, time and money.

With her solid work ethic and sterling reputation, SEANNA will ensure her standards are applied to any presentation that is required.

She looks forward to working with you soon – email her today!


“Seanna is one of the most professional performers I’ve ever encountered in any media.  She is equally comfortable behind the microphone or in front of a camera.  Her work ethic for the ‘client’ is tireless and you’ll find at the end of working with her that you have also made a ‘friend’ for life. It doesn’t get much better than that!”
Marty Forbes, President
Radiowise Inc.

“You are an amazing woman, passionate about your career, and it shows in all you say and do. I would love to get you some MC work here in Toronto – you are fabulous and one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and laughing with.
Michele Bailey, President & CEO
Blazing THE AGENCY – Toronto